Shri Prakaash Uttamchand Wadhwani

Details of Membership of Various Bodies/rganisation

» Secretary to the Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce., Nagpur.
» Ex. President to the Nagpur Itwari Kirana Merchants Association. Nagpur.
» Vice President to the Pujya Shikarpuri Panchayat. Nagpur.
» Treasurer to the Sindhi Panchayat. Nagpur.
» Member to the Janta Hospital, Jaripatka Nagpur.

Details of Membership of Govt. Committees

» Director to the Agriculture Produce Market Yard Committee, Nagpur.
» Member to the Maharashtra States Medical Education and Medicinal Department's Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital Research Committee, Nagpur.
» Member to the Government of India, Divisional Railway Users Committee. Nagpur.
» Special executive Officer.

Which is Engaged in Trading, Manufacturing, Processing and Exports of Spices / Food Grains and Provision of Cold Storage Facility Since Last 50 Years Under the name of IT'S Mother Consern M/S. Hemraj Uttamchad.

Prakash Himself is Managing Efficiently Allmost 14 Different Units of the Group Having Diversified Business Activities Like Domestic Trading, Manufacturing & Processing of Spices, Handling Cold Storages, Exports of All Types of Spices and Food Grains and Construction Activity Since Last 25 Years. He Manages Marketing Function of Entire Wadhwani Group Independently. Units of Wadhwani Group Which are directly Controlled by him consists of:

It will be Needless to mention that the Wadhwani Group has touched new Heights Under Professionl Management of Prakash Wadhwani who is Having Excellent Command Over the Marketing Function. "Kasturi" Spices and "Kasturi" Pickles has now become a household name in Nagpur and Adjoining Region. Which has been launched with the well Planned Efforts of Prakash Only

For all this, Prakash is Being Supported by his two Younger Brothers Namely Mr. Suresh Wadhwani who helps in Administration and Mr. Rajesh Wadhwani who Assists him in Managing the Finance Function and Management of Funds. In Addition, Wadhwani Group is supported by Strong Dedicated Team of Assistants Which is Working with the Group Since Long.

For all this Prakesh is being supported by his two brother namely Mr. Rajesh Uttamchand Wadhwani - the youngest son of Wadhwani family, looks after the Finance related activites of the group, and Mr. Suresh U. Wadwani the second eldest son of Wadhwani Family - managing the marketing and administration of Wadwani Group. He was also a active partner in the initial days of today's well known construction i. e. shri Ganesh Builders.

Eldest Son of Wadwani Family, marketing and Wadhwani Group. Wadhwani Group engage, Trading, Manufacturing Processing and Exports of Spices and other agriculture products since pre independence under their mother concern M/S Hemraj Uttamchand owing chain cold storage units in Maharashtra as well as at Andhra Pradesh entered in the field of Construction 6-7 years ago and running petrochemicals business Successful since 3 Years.

Prakash Wadhwani is an active member of the society and being honored with premium position at several social and Trade related organisations.

Suresh Uttamchand Wadhwani

Son of WADHWANI Family, Which is engaged in trading manufacturing, processing and export of Spices Foodgrains, Since 50 years under their mother concern M/s. Hemraj Uttamchand, owing chain of Cold Storage units in Maharashtra as well at AndraPradesh. Entered in the field of Construction 6-7 years ago and running petrochemicals business successfully since 5 years.Wadhwani group is being administrated under the strict control of Suresh. He is also recognised as very active P.R.O. of the group. Suresh himself is managing efficiently almost 14 different units of the WADHWANI group.

Having diversified business activities like domestic trading. Marketing and Manufacturing/Processing of spices, exports, handling of cold storage's with special interest in CONSTRUCTION, all the cold storage units of the group are being constructed within the scheduled time under his strict control and supervision.

Wadhwani Group's building and construction arm is handled by him singly - He was also a active partner in the initial days of today's well known, construction company i.e. SHRI GANESH BUILDERS, their successfully projects e.g. Sri Ganesh Apts, - Khamla, Ganesh Towers - Dhantoli, Ganesh Chambers- Dhantoli. Ganesh Plaza. Jaitala-were being marketed and constructed by him directly

It will be needles to mention that Wadhwani group has touched new heights under professional and well disciplined management of Suresh Wadhwani, who also have good command over marketing KASTURI spices and KASTURI pickles are the brainchild of SURESH and now this is a well reputed/recognised spice/pickle brand not only in nagpur and adjoining market but also covers the west Bengal

For all this, Suresh is being supported by his two brothers namely Mr. Prakash-the eldest son of Wadhwani Family, looks after the marketing dept, who is also The Hon Secretary to Nag Vidarbh Chamber of Commerce. and holds premium position's at the other prestigeous trade and social organisations which regulates trade and commerce in the region and Mr. Rajesh Wadhwani - the most dynamic and youngest son and of Wadhwani family - managing the finance and management of funds, also a active partner in one of the known and oldest construction group i.e. HIMALAYA BUILDERS.

Suresh Himself is a active member and hold premium position of the prestigeous trade and social organisations whish regulates trade and commerce in the region-few of them are enumerated below

» In the advising committee of Central Warehousing Sociaty., Nagpur.
» In the committee of Nag Vidarbha Builder's association., Nagpur.
» In the committee of Kirana Merchants Association, Nagpur.
» In the committee to Vidarbha Spices Industries Association, Nagpur.
» Member to Vidarbha Industries Association., Nagpur.
» Member to Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce, Nagpur.
» Member to Nagpur Pujya Shikarpuri Sindhi Panchayat, Nagpur.

Chandraprakash Prakash Wadhwani

Shri Chandraprakash Prakash Wadhwani is the son of Shri Prakash Wadhwani, the head of Wadhwani Group of Industries. He is the only son in the family of three brothers, Shri Prakash Wadhwani, Shri Suresh Wadhwani and Shri Rajesh Wadhwani. After completing his Master Degree in International Business Administration he has joined in the family business. The group has been dealing in spices (mainly Chillies) for Construction Activities.Shri Chandraprakash is mainly taking care of the group's export activities. Apart from completing his education at London he has traveled extensively to South East Asian countries, Europe and USA.

At this young age he has developed excellent relation with international customers. Under his able supervision the export of the group has grown at a vary high rate in recent past.